Quest Contest Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Contest participants

Signup and Submission process:

  1. Signup for a Quest Account at

  2. Submit the enrollment form:

  3. All participants will receive a 2-month subscription Credit plus a 80% Discount for the first year

  4. When you are ready with your React Component built using Quest, please submit them using this form:


  1. First prize: $500

  2. Second Prize: $250

  3. Third Prize: $100

Winners will be announced on or around December 23rd, 2022.

Changes, Interruption and Termination:

Quest reserves the right to alter the rules/terms/conditions of the Contest, extend, shorten, pause, delay the award of the winners or terminate the Contest for any reason without incurring any liability from the participant. The participants will be notified of the changes and may choose to continue to participate in the Contest or cancel their participation at any time.

Contest Submission Content Rights and Intellectual Property:

Quest reserves the right to alter, distribute, market, sell, license, sublicense, use or otherwise commercialize the participant submissions. The participant should only use the building blocks which are clear of any rights. It is acceptable to use open source software licensed under Apache, BSD, GNU, MIT, Mozilla Public License, Microsoft Public License. The participant submission shall not infringe any intellectual property or image rights. The participant provides warranty to Quest that their submission to the Contest does not infringe any third party rights in any way, and where applicable has secured the authorization of the relevant third party. By participating in this Contest, you explicitly acknowledge and authorize Quest to publish, communicate, exhibit, disclose(orally/written/graphically) with no compensation benefiting you.

Image Rights:

Participants may be filmed or photographed during the winning celebration. By joining the Contest, the Participants agree to the use and the distribution of their image by Quest, including for promotional events occurring after the Contest.

The production and distribution of films and photographs of the Contest will not lead to any compensation to the Participants.


The Participant acknowledges the confidentiality of all information and documents which have been shared with them throughout the Contest. During the whole duration of the Contest, the Participant will not directly, nor indirectly use or share any information with any third party. This applies to information shared with him/her by Quest or shared with him/her indirectly upon enrollment in this Contest. The Participant commits to delivering any document containing confidential information or shared with the Participant upon the execution of this contract upon a simple request from Quest.

Handling and Protection of Personal Data:

All rules and regulations covered under Quest’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply here. Quest warrants participants DO NOT submit any personal data as part of the Contest submission. Any personal data submitted will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The collection and processing of personal data relating to the Participant by Quest is primarily intended to ensure that the Quest Contest will be properly completed and allows Quest’s team to contact the participant efficiently.


Quest will not be held responsible for any events that might result in your participation/enrollment submission being lost or doesn’t reach Quest’s systems confirming your participation. Participants remain solely and entirely responsible for the damages caused by them to services, systems, software, goods or people during the Contest. They must seek to cover their risks through their own insurance and renounce any right to resort to the Quest in that respect. Quest has the final say in any and all contractual/non-contractual disputes arising from your participation in this Contest. As a participant, you agree to settle any disputes with any third party that might arise as a direct/indirect result of your participation in this Contest. You waive Quest from any responsibility associated with issues arising from your participation in this Contest.

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